We will run an Innovation showcase in October. This will run across 2 days, hosted by GCHHS, involving eHealth Queensland, Advance Queensland, our University partners (Griffith, UQ, Bond, Southern Cross, Curtin), startups and industry partners.

The programme remains broad and flexible.
We will have strategic presentations from key people from organisations above, outlining both the current state of innovation in their organisations and opportunities for improvement using AI. This will facilitate both discussions on the individual challenges, and more broadly on potential approaches to such.
Secondly we will hold a startup introduction event. This will be an opportunity for startups to present to Health customers, with a view to working with the customers via the IntelliHQ pathway to further develop their product within a working clinical environment. Additionally startups will have the opportunity to tour the GCUH facility to better understand the clinical environment they are interested in.

Thirdly  we are looking at a hackathon – where clinicians and administrators bring challenges that they believe may be solvable in a short time frame, using existing data and technologies.
Fouthly is a speed dating event. This will have two components. The first is students looking for internships with startups or established companies in the Health IT space, to allow multiple introductions and discussions of opportunities in a short time period. The second component will be a research speed dating – giving individuals the opportunity to engage with research teams in the Health AI space to contribute to the research project and outcomes.

Keep watching the main page on this topic, Innovation Showcase . As the programme firms it will be posted there, along with a call for expressions of interest to participate.