On the 6th of October, over 100 community members including clinicians, healthcare executives, IT experts, AI industry leaders, researchers and government came together to hear from three expert panels on how AI will impact the healthcare sector.

Event background:

AI is bringing a paradigm shift to healthcare, powered by increasing availability of healthcare data and rapid progress of analytical techniques. But what does this actually mean for the ER doctor, the GP working rurally, the medical records clerk and most importantly, the patient. At this Healthcare forum we are bringing together clinicians, CIOs, Administrators, Data Scientists and patient advocates to look at the role AI has within health. Highlighting why the adoption of AI is on the rise, how this benefits the healthcare industry, and why building and leveraging new collaboration models is driving innovation and growth.

This event was delivered by the Queensland AI Hub of which IntelliHQ is a foundation partner who provided AI expertise acting in director, advisory roles and access to industry networks and partnerships for the delivery of Healthtech Programs.

Video of Event: