On the 5th – 7th of November IntelliHQ joined this important event run by James Cook University and partners.

IntelliHQ is dedicated to addressing diversity gaps in Data Science and AI by providing accessible opportunities for demographics who are underrepresented in the field to learn about and gain skills in the use of AI tools.

It is vital to nurture a diverse community of AI practitioners to mitigate harmful bias especially as these technologies are adopted in the healthcare system.

Indigenous communities in Australia are especially at risk of being disadvantaged by biases in AI tools developed on data sets in which their members are underrepresented. Through joining this event IntelliHQ connected with indigenous communities and is fostering ongoing relationships with these communities to support further engagement of these communities in big data and AI education and development programs.  

The purpose of this event was to share and educate participants and partners on indigenous culture and community. Through engaging participants in indigenous communities we can encourage and support digital innovation to be transferred back into the community. Throughout the datathon, participants worked within groups to create and pitch a solution, using one of the data-sets provided, along the way met industry mentors, community members, fellow participants and some all-round amazing people. This event provided education and training for participants in handling data and developing tools that solve real world problems, as well as creating connections and foster collaborative engagement with technologists, students and indigenous peoples and communities. 

Event partners:

Advance Queensland, KJR Australia, QuestaGame, BitQ, and EarthGuardians.