How does it work?

The Clinicians and Researchers Training course combines self-paced online learning with a 12-week intensive. Together, they allow the delivery of content empowering practitioners to utilise big data and AI technologies for the facilitation of their work in healthcare.

At the completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate that can be presented to partner organisations to gain credit in future studies in the fields of big data analytics and AI for healthcare and digital health innovation. Tertiary education providers Bond University and Griffith University have committed to supporting opportunities for ongoing education and training for course participants.


The course includes 20 one-hour tutorials delivered in partnership with MIT, the Gradient Institute and NVIDIA. Gain crucial insights into:

    • Data science and its role in healthcare
    • High-quality data analytics
    • Health data science challenges 
    • Formulating research questions
    • Defining patient cohorts
    • Data preparation and processing
    • Exploratory data analysis 
    • Linear regression
    • Model validations
    • Ethical considerations
    • Implementation science

12 Week Workshop 

Put your knowledge into play in-person and solidify your understanding of AI and big data mechanisms in a group setting.

    • 26th July – 4th October 2022 with study groups held in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Virtual attendance is available.

Adapt to the future of healthcare- today

Let’s work to improve health outcomes across the board together. Join us in-person at a workshop in your closest major Australian city from July, 2022.