how does it work?

The Healthcare Datathon consists of a one weekend workshop and a pitch night. The workshops offer an opportunity for participants to collaborate and establish solutions to practical healthcare and medical research challenges, with the pitch night allowing groups to share their ideas with their cohort and a panel of experts. Gain actionable feedback and, possibly, the support to develop your idea further. 

In-person workshop

The event will take place face-to-face in concurrent cities – Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The event will also be streamed virtually. Teams will be able to connect via the virtual platform. 

    • 15-16th October, 2022

National pitch night 

Pitch your ideas to your cohort and a panel of expert judges. 

    • 20th October, 2022 on the Gold Coast
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Adapt to the future of healthcare – today

Let’s work to improve health outcomes across the board together. Join us in-person at a workshop in your closest major Australian city from July, 2022.